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As the site says, Get Gifts For Geeks aims to be the #1 place online to find geek and nerd gift ideas and links. There is some solid competition, but with good technical SEO, good keyword research, great on-page and a dedicated long-term off-page strategy we are geared up to be the best.

Our strategy is to keep it simple and wait till the site is ranked and bringing in some income, then return all affiliate earnings into further site development, reviews and so on. We’ll wait and see if we break the niche with something simple.

As at Jan 2017 the site is at 5 pages of content, plus a couple of disclaimer/t&c pages and a contact page. There is a Facebook page with no followers, and a Google + account setup.

The site is also connected to keyword tracking tools, uptime monitoring etc.


Pretty good score here. We lose points for the site not being on https, something that seems to be coming up more and more lately. It also mentions IP Canonicalization. We are running on Cloudflare and will look at getting the IP canonicalization sorted before the next review.

seo site checkup score


Not much to report here – green lights from Google.

google mobile test


The site was already loading at between 1.5-3.5 seconds, and when the average page load time is 6.2 seconds I didn’t think it was that bad.

MId Jan 2017 I finally got the time to make a few changes

  • added expires headers
  • enabled Gzip compression
  • switched to Cloudflare
  • enabled Rocket Loader and caching etc
  • setup WordPress caching plugin

The site is pretty good here now. I highly recommend Cloudflare, especially if Rocket Loader works for your site (it can mess up javascript on some pages).


If you’re interested in tech products checking out the gifts for tech geeks page would be a great start. Otherwise head straight to the home page: | Gifts for geeks and nerds

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