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Great businesses grow here in Hawkes Bay, and we help them do so. From engaging websites, to SEO for organic leads and brand recognition, to cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns designed to bring customers directly to you.

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We help generate more leads, customers and sales with our proven online marketing systems. Web design is the first step.

If you are truly looking to grow your business you know that it takes more than a new website design. You might even have invested in a great-looking website, but it isn’t getting the results you expected. Web design can do that, but most agencies don’t measure anything anyway. Our websites are built to deliver above and beyond when it comes to responsive design, SEO, conversion and results.

Our purpose at Flick Digital – Hawkes Bay Web Design isn’t only to design and build websites – we just call our agency that so people find us online. It’s to build lead-generating systems and sales funnels that grow business. We do that through a selection of premium digital services driving traffic to optimized websites and customised landing pages, which then lead to automated sales funnels and targeted calls to action. Phew!

More than websites, we help a select number of local Hawke’s Bay businesses – people who are working to be the best in their industry – attract more customers, make more sales and achieve their goals with proven digital marketing strategies. Your ideal customers will contact you – once they do so we trust it’s a given they’ll become huge fans.

Forget about the services for a minute. We don’t focus on services, we focus on results. Could your business be doing better? What would more sales mean for your life, your staff, your family? If you truly want to grow your business what we do could be the agent to make the transformation you need right now. If that resonates, we look forward to hearing from you to set up a Strategy Call.

Jade Barham
Website Conversion, SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant
Flick Digital – Hawkes Bay Web Design

Hawkes Bay
Web Design

We build great-looking websites that are optimised to convert visitors into leads and customers.

Hawkes Bay

Learning from some of the greatest minds in SEO today, we are truly local search engine optimization experts.

Hawkes Bay
Digital Marketing

Get targeted traffic, grow your customer base, build local awareness – our proven strategies get you paid.

90% of people only check the first page of Google. If your website isn’t getting found you are leaking money. We can get you there.

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Do you just need a website?

You can have a six-figure plus business with a crappy website, provided you have a great service that solves people’s problems and you know how to market it. We care about results. Yes, we know how to build great websites – and rank them in Google.

More than just websites, we can help you achieve the results you need, whether it is selling more online, getting your website to the top of Google for important search terms, or creating an online advertising strategy that gets results.

Optimise Your Website

Reach More People

Target Your Audience

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“Whatever it is Jade does, it works. I haven’t been this busy – ever. My site is on Page 1 for all the keywords we focused on. And my guests say the site is so easy to navigate and use.”Jenne Leedes - Owner, Bike About Tours, Greenmeadows, Hawke's Bay, NZ



If you go to any developer without one of these you’ve already spent a ton of money. Save time and stress – get sorted with Flick Digital first.


With everything planned out, the build is a breeze. I’ll custom design, you’ll have access to watch the site being built and can give feedback.


Slow websites suck. So do broken buttons and links and so on. Site speed optimisation and user testing get you rolling smooth.


SEO, social media, ongoing digital marketing and more. This is where you stand out from the crowd. This is how your business is made great.


jade barham seo consulant - profile photo 2016

We help local businesses sell more products & services using proven digital marketing strategies.

Owned and operated by Jade Barham, Flick Digital is a Digital Marketing Consultancy located in Napier, Hawkes Bay. I started out with web design and search engine optimisation (SEO), but after great success with Google Advertising and Facebook Ads I have added Digital Marketing services.

I learnt web design and SEO on the job in the tourism industry in Japan, have worked doing SEO in an agency environment, and continue to stay up-to-date in the latest web design, seo and digital marketing strategies.

While I prefer to work with established businesses, I make exceptions for people who really want to make an impact.

  • Simple but Powerful

    The websites we build are easy to use with no issues. We use visual editors to create the site, which code geeks hate, but we love because we can teach you how to use everything.

  • Systems Matter

    Done the wrong way web and digital projects go nowhere fast and waste a whole lot of time and money. I have created streamlined and simple processes that get things sorted.


During the Planning phase you will do a deep dive into your business. You’ll specify your ideal customer profile, I’ll do keyword and demographic research to fine-tune strategy.

Then I’ll either optimise your current website and work with you on increasing your business through digital marketing, or create a custom site designed with your guests, clients and customers in mind.

If we do a rebuild, you can offer feedback and suggestions along the way, and I’ll also teach you how to update and add blog posts, edit text and images on your website, and so on.


  • Connector.

    Website training

    On-boarding lessons take you through everything from logging into the back-end of your site to easily making edits and updating content.

  • Connector.

    SEO & digital tips

    Members get monthly updates with actionable steps to improve their site, add value to their visitors and get more traffic and conversions.


  • Connector.

    Reports that actually help

    Clear and simple, to help you better understand where your customers are coming from, how they respond to your site, where to improve on.

  • Connector.

    Site development & optimisation

    Monthly services offering SEO, updates and improvements based on user testing, content writing and marketing, website audits, keyword ranking and conversion tracking.



We work with established businesses who are trying to become the best in their industry. On hearing from you I’ll send through a few questions. If we’re a good fit you’ll get an invite to schedule a (free) strategy call.

If you don’t want to give out any information we aren’t a good match. You can contact us first to get assurance we are a real company, but I still need the form completed before you can schedule a call.

If your budget is tight, you’re already stressed out and you want everything done this month we aren’t the right people for you either.

If you’re truly interested in leveling up your business click below and give us as much detail as you can. I look forward to learning more about what you do and talking with you soon.