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Our purpose at Flick Digital – Hawkes Bay Web Design, SEO & Digital Marketing isn’t to build online business cards that no-one ever sees, it’s to build lead-generating systems and sales funnels that grow business.

Our websites are built to deliver above and beyond when it comes to responsive design, SEO, conversion and results. But if you are truly looking to grow your business you know that it takes more than a new website design. You might even have invested in a great-looking website, but it isn’t getting the results you expected. Web design can do that, but most agencies don’t measure anything anyway.

More than websites, we help premium local businesses attract more customers, make more sales and achieve their goals with proven digital marketing strategies.

Could your business be doing better? What would more sales mean for your life, your staff, your family? If you truly want to grow your business we can help. We look forward to hearing from you to set up a Strategy Call.

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Founder / Digital Marketing Consultant
Flick Digital

Customised, Optimised Web Design

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    Smooth Process

    – An organised plan to keep things moving

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    SEO / User First

    – Built for your visitors and to rank in Google

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    Responsive Design

    – Your website will look great on any device

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    Easy to update and edit

    – Take control of your website with ease

Your website will look great and be fully SEO optimised to generate more business. We’ll research keywords and ideal customers, how to get found in Google, and the best sales funnels to convert your target visitors into buyers. Working with great designers your site will look incredible, but we don’t sit around and talk design much, we talk about you, your audience, your rankings, traffic and conversion.

Talking about how to grow your business is our thing. If building a new website is not the solution to your problems we’ll tell you. And we’ll tell you what you should do instead.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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    Get found online

    – 60% of people click one of the top 3 results in Google. Are you there yet?

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    Stop losing customers

    – Everytime a customer searches and chooses someone else you are losing money

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    Save money on ads

    – Secure a top place in Google and stop paying so much for advertising

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    Increase your value

    – The top three results get more hits then anything else. If your site’s website is there that is an asset

The fact is if your business is in the top 3 of Google for your niche you generate more leads, sell more products and services, your business looks more professional and you are simply worth more.

Trust us, we know how much you get pitched, we get those emails too. We have spent waaay too many hours studying and testing SEO techniques and we are one of the few local agencies that really care about offering quality NZ SEO Services.

It took us less than 2 months from when we setup this agency page to get to page one. Now this page ranks for things like “Hawkes Bay Web Design”, “Hawkes Bay SEO”, and “Hawkes Bay Digital Marketing”. It gets a ton of free traffic, loads of great visitors with a local focus, and we get so many enquiries we have to screen new clients before scheduling Strategy Calls.

We dislike coming in below the competition as much as you. We’ll help you take over – or take back – the search engine rankings and drive free traffic from Google to your business.

Digital Marketing

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    Sales Funnels

    – We set up your backend so leads can be nurtured properly

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    Landing Pages

    – Built to encourage one call-to-action, be it call you, download a voucher, sign-up for more info etc.

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    Google Ads

    – Put your business at the top of Google Search immediately

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    Facebook Ads

    – The very best way to deliver your message to highly-targeted groups

We mean Digital Advertising that encourages a direct-response – making a phone call, signing-up to an email course, booking a strategy session etc.

While we love SEO as it allows your business to gain natural authority online, Digital Marketing is a great way to get new leads when growing your business, and then to dominate once you are on top of your game.


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We help generate more leads, clients, customers & sales with proven digital marketing strategies.

Owned and operated by Jade Barham, Flick Digital is a Digital Marketing Consultancy located in Napier, Hawkes Bay. I started out working for companies and agencies doing web design and SEO, and now run my own business from a home office in Napier, NZ, with a network of specialists and clients based in several parts of the world.

  • Simple but Powerful

    The websites we build are easy to use with no issues. We talk SEO and Digital Marketing in simple to follow language and focus on results. We break it down to what really matters.

  • Systems Matter

    Done the wrong way web and digital projects go nowhere fast and waste a whole lot of time and money. I have created streamlined and simple processes that get things sorted.

“Whatever it is Jade does, it works. I haven’t been this busy – ever. My site is on Page 1 for all the keywords we focused on. And my guests say the site is so easy to navigate and use.”Jenne Leedes - Owner, Bike About Tours, Greenmeadows, Hawke's Bay, NZ


We work with established businesses who are trying to become the best in their industry. If you’d like to learn more about how you could improve your businesses visibility and performance online you are in the right place.

We don’t work with everyone: if your budget is tight, you’re already stressed out and you want everything done this month we aren’t the right people for you.

If you’re truly interested in leveling up your business click below. I look forward to learning more about what you do and talking with you soon.




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