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Does this sound like you?

I think I need a new website.

I want my website to get found in Google.

I want my business to get found on the local map.

I want to advertise online - the right way

Are you looking for:

  • A cheap website for a new business idea you are toying with
  • A business card style website that you don’t care about getting found in Google
  • A website that will cost the same as your mate’s bosses cousin did his one for

If so, we probably aren’t the right agency for you. There are a lot of ways to create websites simply, easily and cheaply – especially if you spend some time yourself choosing photos and writing copy.

Do you really need:

  • A website that comes optimised and will rank in Google
  • Your website on Page One of Google for terms that will drive targeted organic traffic
  • To advertise online the right way and generate warm, quality leads eager to buy from you

In that case, maybe you are someone we could help, and I encourage you to get in touch.

flick digital white rectangle logoJade Barham
Owner / Digital Marketing Consultant
Flick Digital

Customised, Optimised Web Design

optimised web design example

  • Connector.

    Simple process

    – A structured plan keeps projects moving forward

  • Connector.

    We know SEO and conversion

    – Built for your visitors and to rank in Google

  • Connector.

    Yes, it's responsive

    – Looks good on any computer, tablet or mobile

  • Connector.

    Simple to make edits

    – Change photos and texts with ease, quickly learn to change layouts and more.

We’ll look at your current site, get connected to your analytics and backend, and take a scrape of the site to see where you’re sitting.

We’ll have a look at your major competitors, see what they are doing right and what we can improve on.

We’ll talk with you about your business goals, draft a new design based on our conversations, and once it’s cleared we’ll build a site live online and come back to you for feedback and edits throughout the project.

We’ll help take the site live, setup redirects from all old links, and monitor your sites analytics and user tests for 3 months, making any necessary updates from there.

We can also perform ongoing SEO to help you rank for your target keywords..

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

flick digital local map ranking for seo

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    Get found in Google

    – 60% of people don’t go past the top 3 search results. Are they finding you?

  • Connector.

    Stop losing great customers

    – Start benefitting from free, targeted traffic from Google

  • Connector.

    Stop paying Google for advertising

    – Secure a top place in Google and redirect money elsewhere

  • Connector.

    Increase your worth

    – Create an asset for your business with a top-ranked website that drives traffic.

Get into the top of the search results, generate more leads, work on conversion rate, optimise your website and kick ass in your niche.

We get all the SEO emails too and I know how you feel. So we went the other way, and spent waaay too long learning and testing SEO techniques to become one of the few local agencies that really care about offering quality New Zealand SEO Services.

We hate coming below our competitors as much as you do. We’ll help you get – or get back – high search engine rankings that help generate free, targeted leads from Google to your business.

Digital Marketing

flick digital local map ranking for digital marketing keyword

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    Proper sales funnels

    – Pages, layouts and systems designed to generate quality leads

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    Optimised landing pages

    – We use templates proven to convert website visitors into real customers

  • Connector.

    Google domination

    – Get paid, top place rankings while working on SEO for permanent prominence

  • Connector.

    Facebook advertising

    – Not everyone is looking for a solution. Targeted Facebook campaigns are the best way to advertise to these people

We focus on digital direct response advertising – ads that encourage people to take an action such as leaving their phone number, signing-up to an email course, scheduling a strategy session etc.

While SEO is a focus because it creates permanent authority for your business, Digital Marketing is a great way to get generate leads when growing your business, and then to scale once you are running successfully.

“Whatever it is Jade does, it works. I haven’t been this busy – ever. My site is on Page 1 for all the keywords we focused on. And my guests say the site is so easy to navigate and use.”Jenne Leedes - Owner, Bike About Tours, Greenmeadows, Hawke's Bay, NZ


If you’d like to get in touch we can have a chat and see if our services are right for your business. We love helping local and regional businesses get found online and generate more leads. I look forward to hearing from you.




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